Cristal X Multi-Purpose is a specially formulated cleaner for multiple cleaning jobs. It is strong enough to be used on cars, boats, motorcycles, truck engines, engines and at home. Totally biodegradable and non abrasive.

Purchase our Cristal Multi-purpose cleaner 32oz

  • To clean chrome, wheels, hubcaps and chassis; spray and keep the product on no less than 3 minutes, but no more than 5.

  • To clean chrome, glass, cars, truck parts, boats and motorcycles; dilute 4oz of Cristal X Multi-Purpose in a bucket. 

  • Rinse off with a water hose or wet sponge.

  • Avoid extreme heat or direct light from the sun while cleaning any vehicle. Dry well for a shiny finish.

  • To clean tires or whitewalls; spray and use a brush to clean deep and eliminate dirt and grease.

  • For cleaning at home, kitchen, bathrooms, floors, garage, terrace and barbeque; spray or dilute in a bucket and use a brush to remove all dirt and grease that’s tough to remove.


Purchase our Cristal Multi-purpose cleaner by the gallon!

  • Its totally biodegradable and it’s non abrasive to people.

  • Does not smudge

  • Creates thin layer that avoids that dirt sticks easily.

  • Double concentrated.

  • Its gel base helps absorve dirt faster allowing a more profound and effective clean.

  • Its citric fragrance eliminates bad odor.